About The Zoya Chronicles

The Zoya Chronicles is a series of books about Senka, a woman who has extraordinary powers due to a terrible accident. She is instrumental in world events in this world and The Other Place, another universe with its own laws and orders.




“Sander has written a great novel that is comparable to the action and strength of the Game of Thrones and Hunger Games series but stands on its own for its creativity and execution.” – Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

Lizzie is a typical sixteen year old girl whose world is shattered in a terrible car crash in northern Canada.

Senka is a woman with no memories. She endures constant torture in the dungeons of Solias. As her once peaceful and bright mind is twisted and warped with pain, only one thought remains: Vengeance.
Armend is the smooth-talking Head of Peace on the King’s council in Langundo’s capitol city Solias. He wants the ruthless Melanthios tribe, a people who live in the forest, dead. Only with their mass genocide can his dreams for a greater Solias be realized.

Queen Anita finds herself trapped in a life she didn’t want, making sacrifices she was never prepared to make. She’s fighting tooth and nail against the rising tide of violence.

When the worlds of Lizzie, Senka, Armend and the Queen collide, the explosion of violence, betrayal and bloodshed ensures that Langundo will never be the same.

Pulse is a fast-paced novel that continually asks a single question: What would you be willing to die for?





The false king is dead. The evil is still alive. The Zoya have a purpose.

It’s 2023. Senka is a ZTF agent on a mission. The most difficult assignment is the one that requires facing her past.

Dr. Charlie Penner is a scientist who lives confined in a small area, controlled by her employers. Once she manages to create what they expected from her, she is no longer needed.  Her discovery is dangerous. Will she be able to destroy the formula before it’s too late?

Senka and Charlie know each other well, but neither knows that the other one is alive. They will fight on the same side once again, but the outcome will be something that no one would ever expect.

Meanwhile, in The Other Place, the battle continues. The council and the people of Langundo are planning the assassination of the new, mad king. But there is a more powerful enemy they have to encounter. The mysterious monarchs of Anzen are expanding their zone of influence, offering salvation from the cruelty of this world. Their methods are worse than war.

Senka is not the only Zoya out there. Someone is creating powerful warriors and sending them to The Other Place. Someone whose ambitions are insatiable. Dr. Freudman’s lust for power is disturbing. His “Ampulex” project threatens the totality of past, present and future in both worlds.

The Other Place is on edge. Senka has to return, or both worlds will be lost.

While the evil lives, no one can rest.